Support Librengage's Future

Help is never required, but always appreciated.


Future versions of Librengage will support multiple languages. If you want to see Librengage in your language, please reach out!

Design and Development

If you're a web designer interested in helping enhance the Librengage user experience, or a PHP or JavaScript developer that would like to contribute some of your time to make the project better, that's awesome!

Community Forum

Even just hanging out in the forum is helpful. Help answer questions from new users or posting useful how-tos is an important part of this project.

Financial Support

This project doesn't just cost money, but takes a ton of my time. Whether you wish to donate a few bucks or even sponsor the project, please contact me. But just to make it clear, this is a free, open-source project, and always will be. I will NEVER sell out the project, charge for it, or add a licensing system. EVER. That's my promise.

Contact Michael Staake

The founder and lead developer of Librengage, I'm the one to talk to when it comes to contributions. Please feel free to reach out via email to [email protected].